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dont know dont care

Criminal with protection of the law

Just Getting Started
19 March
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Here is the tale of the girl standing in front of you
Not one word is exaggerated -- entirely true
A four square in chemistry, my agenda tonight
As I rock the house left, and a I rock the house right

Hi. I am Tara.

I adopted a cute lil' tempura fetus
from Fetusmart! mm..yummy.

i still say its an already baked and breaded shrimp fetus

999, ?, a girl named craig, aaa, amburgers and wootbeer, angry samoans, anti-flag, aquabats, arch enemy, art, astro zombies, atom and his package, barnyard ballers, bass guitar, beastie boys, belts, blanks 77, blink 182, blow dryers, boys, brandnew, breaking things, bum ruckus, casualties, catch 22, cheap sex, cheese, chocolate milk, choking victim, chubby tuff, cockney rejects, color, coyote shivers, cuba, danger fish, demented are go, electric frankenstein, epoxies, everything, flip the switch, fun, green, greenday, guys in tight pants, guys times 65283+563292, gwar, hair dye, horses, into the silence, jeffries fan club, joe strummer, kooputbk, leftover crack, less than jake, link 80, lower class brats, lupin iii, lupin the third, mad caddies, minor threat, murderdolls, music, mustardplug, my watch, name taken, no cash, oc supertones, oi, old school tattoos, other friends, planet smashers, poop on the pope, potato salad, psychobilly, puffy amiyumi, punk rock love, ramones, reel big fish, refused, rice, richard hell, rise against, rockabilly, s2d, sham 69, ska, skankin pickle, skif dank, something corporate, something to do, spitvalves, stabing bagel project, stiff little fingers, straight edge, sue burns kitchen, sunglasses, sxe, tattoos, the aquabats, the bled, the briefs, the casualties, the clash, the darkness, the dead milkmen, the distillers, the f-ups, the gadjits, the jam, the kingpins, the matches, the misfits, the napoleon blownaparts, the planet smashers, the ramones, the slapstickers, the specials, the spitvalves, the toasters, the vibrators, tokyo ska paradise orchestra, tony trujillo, trombone, tut, wizo, xxx