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already day 9 - dont know dont care [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Journey to the Center of my Life

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already day 9 [Apr. 4th, 2013|05:48 pm]
Just Getting Started
I have now been running every day for nine days. Today i made it short one since its been pouring rain ALL DAY. max and i have been stuck inside on my day off doing laundry all day lol and other miscellaneous household chores. it needed to be done lol. Max's birthday is 1 month and a half away and i have to start planning his party and his zoo trip. I have to make sure my house is in tip top shape too. Im thinking about putting aside $350 dollars for his birthday. $150 for the zoo trip and 200 for his actual Party. I think we're just going to have a cook out here at home it will make clean up and present storage much easier lol. Just sucks how messy my house is lol. I think i need a beaded curtain for my laundry room lol ( i know super hippiesque but who cares it will look cool lol.

I feel like im almost at the point where running is a habbit and i think next week i will be able to add some pilates into the mix to start getting tone. And once i hit my 30 day mark on the running I'll need to start cutting some things out of my diet. I keep expecting to see instant results but i then keep having to tell me self losing weight is a process and it will take longer to lose it than it does to pack it on (unfortunately haha)

Well thats about it for today pretty lame rant back to house/motherly duties


[User Picture]From: xofallthings
2013-04-09 02:29 am (UTC)
Nice to see you again old friend. :)
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