already day 9

I have now been running every day for nine days. Today i made it short one since its been pouring rain ALL DAY. max and i have been stuck inside on my day off doing laundry all day lol and other miscellaneous household chores. it needed to be done lol. Max's birthday is 1 month and a half away and i have to start planning his party and his zoo trip. I have to make sure my house is in tip top shape too. Im thinking about putting aside $350 dollars for his birthday. $150 for the zoo trip and 200 for his actual Party. I think we're just going to have a cook out here at home it will make clean up and present storage much easier lol. Just sucks how messy my house is lol. I think i need a beaded curtain for my laundry room lol ( i know super hippiesque but who cares it will look cool lol.

I feel like im almost at the point where running is a habbit and i think next week i will be able to add some pilates into the mix to start getting tone. And once i hit my 30 day mark on the running I'll need to start cutting some things out of my diet. I keep expecting to see instant results but i then keep having to tell me self losing weight is a process and it will take longer to lose it than it does to pack it on (unfortunately haha)

Well thats about it for today pretty lame rant back to house/motherly duties


Day8 beginning of week 2!

As of yesterday i have successfully ran every day for 1 whole week this week I started on week 2 of my 30 day challenge. Awesome. I feel proud that i keep getting up and doing it ( have to tell me self every day but it works) but i just havent seen any results yet. I still look like im pregnant even though its been nearly 2 years since ive had max and no weight has come off. Im really disappointed. I guess since its just the first week i cant expect much. Well we'll see how the end of this week goes....

-Fat and Sassy
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Day 6 oops i missed two days of typing

day 4 sucked but i didnt give up haha.

Well happy late easter woo! ran with max and the dog yesterday (day 5) and holy shmolly its a work out keeping a stroller straight and a dog from running rampant on a tilted sidewalk lol. But they enjoyed it. Max was spoiled with easter candy he went on an egg hunt and we ate at kelly's mom's house pretty good easter except now im stuck with a bunch of candy to make all this running pointless because i only have enough will power to resist 1 thing and right now its these fokin burgers at Jakes Way Back. mmm burger *homer simpson face* ive been wanting one of these for the past week so i might just get one today to stop the craving since i work a double anyways. WOW for run on sentences haha.^

This morning was the first morning i seemed to wake up to get out there no problem. Its getting easier and i might have to mix it up soon or add something new to my 30 day challenge. And listening to RUSH while you run is pretty sweet makes you think youre running through space and time haha.


Thats all for now
-The run-on sentence queen

btw happy april fools day!
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Day 3

THis morning i woke and i said i dont want to do this i am a fucking pussy lol. It has only been 2 full days and i am already in negativity mode. buuuuuut i asked myself if when i look in the mirror can i honestly say i love myself just how I am or will i just say it to make myself comfortable. didnt even answer the question just put my stupid runnning clothes and sneakers on got the dog ready and grumbled out the door. i'm in for a world of hurt but i refuse to give im typing this my son is watching an episode of sesame street and bruno mars is singing a song about not giving up hahahaha how ironic. guess its a sign. I want to make myself a better person physically and mentally and i want to set a good example for max so i will continue this arduous journey ( at least its arduous for me haha)

-Your super dramatic typist
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Day 2

Just got back from day 2 of running and holy moly I'm really out of shape. if i get anything out of this I think it will be the ability to breath better hahaha. I should take a photo of what I look like now and post it and than take a photo of me on day 30 and see if there is a difference....hmm lol. I'm in a good mood though something about doing something for myself makes me feel all warm inside (or maybe thats just my muscles waking from their dead sleep hah) and hopefuly it will last because my Boss is coming to visit my store today YAY! and I'm not sure if I'm ready haha. Wellllll good luck to me and I'll type at ya later.

over and out
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30 days of something new begin day 1.

so i saw a TED talk today about trying something new for 30 days. I've been wanting change in my life for a while now but I've just been too lazy or self loathsome to do anything about. I've allowed myself to become everything i don't want to be and I've finally had a enough of it. Today I bought some trail/running shoes and I pledge to do 2 new things every day for the next 30 days. 1 will be to run. I will run at least 20 minuets every day for the next 30 days and 2 I will write about it and any other things on my mind every day even if its just 1 simple paragraph. Its time to make a change in my life for the better so here it goes. Nice to see you again live journal I look forward to rekindling our past friend ship
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so my lips hurt hahahaha man too much trombone. my mom bought vitamins. cool i guess. no foot ball game tomorrow!!! Ians hopefuly coming!!!

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im fucking sick and tired of albertsons and their stupid ass shit. and the stupid people who fucking come into the store. they can all fucking shove it. man its fuckin bananas. fuck them.
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